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03:14 PM  |. 22 June 2022

There is always light. If only we're brave enough to see it. If only we're brave enough to be it

Amanda Gorman

Western Europeans Wilt In Early Summer Heatwave, Compounding Climate Fears

Spain, Germany Battle Wildfires Amid Unusual Heat Wave

Yellowstone National Park to Partly Reopen After Floods

Study Finds Climate policy dragged into culture wars as a deliberate delay tactic

Disinformation About Climate Found To Outperform Facts on Facebook, Twitter

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Qantas, Airbus Kickstart Australian Biofuels industry with $200m Joint Investment

Nuclear Power Startup Expands Across EU

Volta Trucks, Swedish-based manufacturer of autonomous electric trucks raises $260m

How Decarbonizing Makeup Is Leading To Fossil-Free Aviation Fuel

Young Consumers More Environment-Minded in China, India Than Rich Countries


Introducing Freecycle: New Platform For Swapping Stuff Instead of Trashing

New LA Fund Boosts No-Collateral Loans For Minority Climate Entrepreneurs

Colombia's First Black Vice President Elected on a Platform of Radical ChangeBrings Impassioned Climate Focus

China Hit by Floods and Heat Waves In Climate Double Whammy

Methane-Spewing Coal Mines Are Climate Test For Australia's New Progressive Leader

Boulder County Launches Local Climate Innovation Fund

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"Floatovoltaic” solar panels on CA canals generate clean energy and conserve water

DiCaprio's Alternative Protein Startup Powering Latest Innovation at Mars Wrigley

Obama's New Role As Champ For National Parks 

Passive Homes: How to Build Super Energy Efficient Houses

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Industry Events

NYC ClimateTech Meetup                Thurs., 22 June

InnovateUK Urban Future Lab            Wed, 21 June

CRETech Virtual Demo Day                  Mon, 03 July

NYC ClimateTech Meetup                Thurs., 22 June

InnovateUK Urban Future Lab            Wed, 21 June

CRETech Virtual Demo Day                  Mon, 03 July

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Bloomberg Green
Climate Action Network
GreenTech Alliance

Intersectional Environmentalism
New York Times
Nexus Global
One Earth
Open Earth
Project Drawdown​
VIBE Magazine

Biden Says Major Economies Must Speed Up Climate Efforts, Improve Energy Security

Corporate America Pushing Back Against SEC Climate Disclosure Rules

Increased Demand For Energy In EU Being Met Mainly By Coal, Oil and Gas

Children at Higher Risk of Climate Change, Air Pollution 

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421.0369 Parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere

+0.85°C increase in global temp vs. 1900s average

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